"I'm a jinx!"
―Young Tucker, "Young Tucker"
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Young Tucker

Young Tucker is a naive red standard gauge tank engine who works at the Wharf.


Young Tucker is a new engine who is rumoured by the other engines to be jinxed, since he is number 13.

Young Tucker was at Tidmouth Sheds during Mavis's wake.

Young Tucker was at The Lumberyard while Carlo Debris was yelling at Rosie and Hank.

Rheneas later assumed that he was jinxed and thought that he caused Norman to break down, as well as demolishing 2 sets of buffers, and causing an accident at a level crossing involving George and Duck as well as a flour train. Molly greeted him and volunteered to take his train to the wharf, with the little engine protesting against it. Indeed, to both Young Tucker and Rheneas's fears, the trucks pushed Molly down Gordon's Hill, past Kurt and Carlo Debris' loggers, and eventually, into the sea. Molly was pulled out of the sea by Rocky and Tucker. Madge congratulated him, but Tucker still felt bad about the "jinxed" trucks. However, Molly informed him that he wasn't a jinx. Tucker knew that the world was against him, but at least he had a new friend in Molly.

Young Tucker later was seen hauling a freight train past The Lumberyard.

During the Munitions Incident, Young Tucker was seen on the turntable in The Ministry of Defense Complex.


Since Young Tucker is a new engine on Sodor, he is young and skittish. He is believed by the other engines to be jinxed. He is very lonely, but is also very friendly. He is unsure of himself and shy.


  • Young Tucker was created and designed by YouTube model-maker, Tuckinator15. Young Tucker is made from a Thomas model, but repainted red with the number "13". His original model was made from an old-style Thomas model.
  • He would make a brief appearance in turtlesandthomas series 'Sudrian Conflict' in the episode 'Conflict in the Shed', although he goes unnamed.