Will Power
Will Power
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Date Aired February 5, 2012
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Will Power is the twenty-second episode of the first season.


When Henry is ill, Dart is dispatched to take his train for him the next day. However, the next morning the Island is covered in a blanket of snow, and Dart breaks down on a bridge overlooking a vast hillside. The harsh, wintry wind makes him shiver, and he begins to wonder how he got into the whole mess in the first place!

In a flashback, Den and Dart are shunting in the yard. James arrives in his snooty way and tells the diesels to quit idling and shunt his trucks for him. Dart eventually does so, but insists that the cold doesn't bother the two diesels. James, cross, storms away in a huff. Den, however, is stunned, because he seems to recall being absolutely frozen the night before. Dart insists that he likes jokes, and teasing James is a worthy cause indeed!

Dart is still quite beside himself with the frigid air, constantly wanting to keep moving to stay warm. His driver, Derek, and Arry catch on, knowing the feisty little diesel wants to be warm just as much as the next engine! Things take a turn for the worse when Henry breaks down, and Dart is told to take his train the next day.

Dart comes back from his flashback only to be rescued by James. James finds the situation very amusing, and a colder and wiser Dart knew it would be better in future to keep his jokes to a minimum around the feisty red engine! 




Enterprising Engines Will Power

Enterprising Engines Will Power