Wilbert the Lumberjack
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Date Aired January 22, 2012
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Wilbert the Lumberjack is the twentieth episode of the first season.


The Sodor Logging Co. is busier than ever, so Wilbert the Forest Engine returns to the Railway to help out. When he arrives, he is greeted by a despicable lumberyard foreman who constantly criticizes everyone around him. Anxious to prove his worth, Wilbert sets off to work. However, the foreman never cuts the poor little engine a break. Wilbert is always deemed late or unable to handle the heavy work-load, but Wilbert is only more determined to prove himself. 

One day, when Wilbert was shunting, he meets a well-kept secret of the Lumberyard, Kurt the Jungle Cutter. Kurt was built for a film not too long ago, and was brought to Sodor to cut down trees and bushes. The two become firm friends, but when Kurt breaks down, the foreman is furious, and the men now have to take down trees by hand.

One particular rotting tree seems to be quite stubborn, causing a chainsaw's blades to snap off. The lumberjacks are cross and give up on the prospect. 

The next morning, Wilbert is bringing supplies for the machinery when suddenly, he loses control and slides on oily rails, smashing through the buffers and knocking over the rotting tree the lumberjacks could not cut down before. The foreman strides over, and Wilbert fears for the worst, but the foreman is not cross! He calls Wilbert "The Lumberjack of the Forest of Dean", and commends him for taking down a tree that the lumberjacks could not! 



  • The Lumberjack Song, a song used in the Monty Python episode "The Ant: An Introduction," is featured in this episode.
  • The Lumberyard Foreman, Carlo Debris, is rarely seen without his two body guards, which change frequently because he is rarely pleased with them. 
  • This episode is dedicated to the works of Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • This episode may be remastered in the future due to lighting issues.



Enterprising Engines Wilbert the Lumberjack

Enterprising Engines Wilbert the Lumberjack