Wilbert at an angle

Wilbert is a navy blue tank engine from the Dean Forest Railway who occasionally comes to work at The Lumberyard.


Wilbert came to the North Western Railway in 1994 to help out Donald and Douglas. He visited the Ffarquhar branch line and the Little Western before heading home. 

Wilbert returned to the island during Snow Blind, and assisted Arthur in the construction of the Little Western Extension. The two hard working engines quickly befriended one another, and when Arthur became buried under an avalanche, he helped Oliver and Byron rescue his friend. 

Following a winter at the Little Western Extension, Wilbert was loaned to the Lumberyard. He befriended Kurt, a jungle cutter. He attempted to gain the approval of the manager, Carlo Debris. When Wilbert accidentally knocked down a dead tree, Debris applauded him because the tree's stubbornness was troublesome to the workers. 

He has been seen shunting at the Mine Junction and around Sodor.


Wilbert is a sensible, polite, friendly, obedient, and hard working engine. He is smart, and can be very resourceful, even when he is under a great deal of stress and a problem needs to be solved.


He is likely to appear in Season 3.