Two Hearts Burn Together
"Mighty Mac, stop arguing with yourself! It's just confusing, and kind of creepy!"
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Date Aired June 3rd, 2012
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Two Hearts Burn Together is the fourth episode of the second season.


Mighty Mac is a double-farlie locomotive, and though the two are joined together, they tend to argue with each other. One day, the two are sent to help with the rebuilding of High Tower, and neither are happy with it, making the feud worse. Nelson and Kelly give them some advice to stop fighting in order to work more efficiently. The two disregard this, continuing to argue.

The two's disgreement esclated when The Thin Controller assigned the both of them to a passenger train. The two objected, claiming to be individuals indepent of the other. The Thin Controller then reminds Mighty Mac of their nature, and that as a double farlie locomotive, they are obligated to work together, urging them to end their feud for their own good.

Later on, Mighty Mac collects their train, still at at odds. The two continue their feud until they reach a bridge, on which Mighty breaks down. The two's argument escelate, and the Thin Controller disembarks their train, giving the two a stern talking to, reminding them that despite being two seperate boilers, they are still one engine, and he tells them that their two hearts must burn together to be successful. Mighty Mac resolves their conflict, with Mac pushing the train the rest of the way until they reach the station. The two lament, and agree that they each serve as the other's better half.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of Trainlover476 as Sir Handel.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of High Tower Mark II.
  • This episode was made on the first anniversary of EnterprisingEngine93 coming to YouTube.
  • EnterprisingEngine93 plans to reupload this episode with better audio quality.
  • This is the only episode where skullzproductions voices Peter Sam and he was given an Irish accent.



Enterprising Engines Two Hearts Burn Together

Enterprising Engines Two Hearts Burn Together