"Love is so weird..."
―The Small Controller, Swashbuckler
The Small Controller

The Small Controller is the manager of the Arlesdale Small Railway. He is the nephew of Sir Francis Duncan, the original controller. His full name is Fergus Duncan.


The Small Controller has been working very close to the Little Western Extension Project, as the vast and expansive bridge towers over the Arlesdale Wool Route. He is also in charge of supplying a great deal of the North Western Railway's Ballast. He is a remarkable businessman, usually composed, thoughtful, and thrifty, but can be thrown off balance when he acts out of impetuousness. He also, of his own words, has not made any moves on the "dating scene" for quite some time. 

When Mike and Frank argue, he has shown the capacity to ignore them and look the other way.

He once joined a search party to help rescue a lost sheep in the dark, When Mike and Frank were introducing themselves to Sidney, he was seen near a warehouse talking to a firefighter. He later was seen at The Flying Scotsman's welcome party, and later at the Crovan's Gate Works.

He was present at the Skarloey Railway's production of Hamlet, but thought it was a ballet recital!

He was called to the meeting about the Little Western Extension, going with The Thin Controller. During the rebellion of Carlo Debris' workers, he was attacked, but was saved by Miss Jenny Packard, prompting him to call her "enchanting".