The Old Warrior
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Date Aired *July 2011 (original)
  • November 2012 (remastered)
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The Old Warrior is the seventh episode of the first season.


Bertram is a little engine who worked at a small mine long ago. When the mine closed down, Bertram was left there, until he was found by Toby. He now works diligently at the Mine Junction. At the beginning of the story, Toby is on his way to help at the Junction, and to see his good friend. When he arrives, he discovers that Bertram is quite enthusiastic at just about everything. The other engines are annoyed with Bertram's yammering, and things get worse when the "old warrior" interrupts Duke's story about Smudger. All the criticism towards Bertram makes Toby feel bad for his friend.

Later, at High Tower, Donald comes off the line near where Toby is resting, crashing his trucks into into the tower. The tower is in danger of collapsing right on top of Toby. Thankfully Bertram comes to both Donald and Toby's rescue pulling Toby out of harm's way. Now the other engines praise Bertram for his gallantry and bravery and see that he is a really useful engine.





Enterprising Engines The Old Warrior

Enterprising Engines The Old Warrior