"If I were you, I'd work a lot harder before I became so concerned about my image."
―Lady to Daisy
Swagger and Swerves
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Date Aired June 2011 (original)

March 31, 2012 (Remastered)

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Swagger and Swerves is the second episode of the first season.


There is a turntable in Tidmouth Yards for incoming goods trains, and Donald and Douglas were explaining to Lady, a private owner engine, how to use it. She listened very carefully so she wouldn't make any mistakes. Meanwhile, Percy was complaining about Daisy to Toby. Later, when Daisy arrived at the junction, Thomas came up with the milk train and told Daisy she had to pull it. Daisy started to use excuses, but Thomas didn't take any notice, and he puffed away to take his evening train. Lady came and Daisy took the milk. Lady told Daisy to warn the signalman when she gets into the Yard, but Daisy wasn't listening. Donald was shunting in the yard and some of his trucks were blocking the way while Donald was waiting for the shunter. Daisy came, and she crashed into Donald's trucks. Her windows were damaged and The Fat Controller was not happy. He told Daisy to go to the works, and after that she would be a wiser engine. She was pleased to have a second chance, and learned that being arrogant and showing off isn't the best way to handle one's self.




  • When Lady is approaching Daisy, she goes to the left of a switch track. However, the next scene shows her on the right track, closer to Daisy.



Enterprising Engines Swagger and Swerves

Enterprising Engines Swagger and Swerves