Shepherd's Pie
Arthur's Pie
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Date Aired June 27th, 2012
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Shepherd's Pie is the sixteenth episode of the first season.


Arthur is very focused on his work, and is usually found quietly shunting in the yard where Murdoch often looks on. Arthur however, is easily influenced by the behavior of others. One evening, Daisy visits the engines at Knapford sheds and shares her dreadful encounter with a lone sheep. She blew a fuse trying to shoo it away, and could not return to the branch line until she was properly mended. Murdoch suggests that "the railway needs a decent shepherd to keep all these unruly sheep in order". Arthur becomes excited by the idea, translating "shepherding" to shunting trucks in the yard. Murdoch is skeptical and warns Arthur to keep calm and stay out of trouble, but soon leaves the yard to fetch some coal. When Murdoch departs Arthur accidentally collides into some flour trucks that had not been sealed properly and becomes coated in a dusty mess. Murdoch returns, amused, and Arthur comments that the flour-filled mess certainly all the necessary ingredients of a hearty shepherd's pie! 



  • This episode is based on an episode of the same name from EE93's old LionelRailway account, with one of Porter's brothers, Sheperd.


  • When Arthur is shunting, some trucks move.



Enterprising Engines Shepherd's Pie

Enterprising Engines Shepherd's Pie