Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
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Date Aired July 26, 2014 (first trailer), November 26, 2014 (second trailer), Summer 2018 (Chapter 1-3), Summer 2019 (Chapter 4-5)
Previous Episode Thomas and the Fortune Teller
Next Episode TBA

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is the twenty-seventh episode and the finale of the second season.


At Brendam Docks, Winston and The Fat Controller inform Salty of a meeting with all the diesels at Knapford Yards.


Timothy, Marion and Millie are also very likely to appear.


  • EnterprisingEngine93 has stated that this episode will be the longest episode to date of Enterprising Engines!, as it will reach feature length.
  • Much like with Swashbuckler and Culdee Fell, this episode will be available in both "chapters", and as one video. Specifically, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy will be split into five chapters.