Search Party
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Date Aired 2011, remastered January 14, 2012
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Search Party is the eleventh episode of the first season.


Mike is asleep in a shed at the top station when The Small Controller arrives. He tells Mike that the farmer who has provided their railway with an opportunity to transport his wool to markets in the town has lost a sheep. Determined to assist, Mike is dispatched to join a search party. Down the line, the men decide to put on Mike's head-lamp, but it is old and dusty, and does not provide any light. Deciding to go without it, Mike hurries down the line, hoping the lost sheep can be found. 

As the journey progresses, Frank the Diesel Engine meets up with the farmer while he is carrying a late night ballast load. The farmer claims that his sheep can be heard in the distance, but before anyone can act, Mike collides into the back of Frank's ballast train. The two begin to argue excessively until the lost sheep crawls on top of the wreck, leaving everyone in awe. Frank finds the turn of events hilarious, but Mike fails to see how this trying expedition was actually worth the trouble. 



  • This is the first episode to be filmed at night.
  • The lamp Mike finds turns out to be Proteus' lamp, as discovered in Swashbuckler.



Enterprising Engines Search Party

Enterprising Engines Search Party