"Howdy, pardner."
―Rick Shay, Cannon Fodder
Rick Shay
Rick Oswald Shay

Rick Oswald Shay is an American self-proclaimed ranger. He loves to go on adventures with Weaver, Vegard, and The Thin Controller


Rick Shay was born in Longview, Texas, and attended University with the Thin Controller, Vegard, and Weaver. During their younger years, they had many adventures and memorable excursions. However, Rick's adventuring days have never ceased, and the Thin Controller is trying to uphold a responsible position running a railway. He barges in frequently, hoping to rekindle the Thin Controller's love of adventure!

Rick Shay was a part of the investigation party in Cannon Fodder. The group was only able to enter the fortress with a cleverly aimed ricochet from his twin revolvers!

In Pigeon Hunting, Rick Shay and Vegard helped apprehended the second band of pigeon hunters who opened fire at Ivo Hugh's firework's train. 

In Just Another Wild Goose Chase, Rick Shay was invited to join the festivities as one of the Thin Controller's close friends.

In Munitions, Rick Shay has a second unfathomable ricochet to open a fortress gate, this time from behind the back! 

In Blunderbuss, Rick Shay and Weaver came to The Blue Mountain Quarry to visit their University friend The Thin Controller, but accidentally set off some explosives, causing an avalanche! The two were arrested, along with Vegard, after causing a disturbance at Crovan's Gate Works.


Rick Shay is a rough and tumble Texan who looks for an excuse to shoot things. He loves the thrill of adventure and is constantly exploring new territory on Sodor and other places when he gets the chance. He often bickers with Weaver, but has a great deal of respect for Vegard, a polished rifleman. 

Rick is very proud of his middle initial for obvious reasons. "Rick O. Shay." 



  • Rick has been to jail at least once before the events of Blunderbuss.