Rendezvous with Disaster
"Dizzy Diesels, I liked it better when we were given manageable jobs that are actually mechanically possible!"
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Date Aired January 29th, 2012
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Rendezvous with Disaster is the twenty-first episode of the first season.


Hank the American Engine loves admiring the winter landscape, but one day, this fascination gets the better of him. Ice and snow had weakened the embankment, and Hank tumbles off the rails and over a cliff side. Battered and busted, Hank is sent away to the works, and the Fat Controller has to make ends meet after one of his most powerful locomotives is put out of commission.

Making ends meet, The Fat Controller puts Den and Dart to cover the High Peak Marshaling Yard shift. They work hard and befriend Culdee the Mountain Engine along the way. Culdee, being a cautious sort, is concerned that the diesels do not have enough traction on the icy rails, but Den assures him that "caution is his specialty." However, Den soon learns that there are factors far beyond his control, and his trucks pull him precariously over a cliff side, plunging into the ravine. Dart, who was working close by, pulls his friend to safety. 

Later that day, the Fat Controller angrily reprimands Den for what he sees as recklessness, but Dart sees the matter differently. There are many things, such as fate, that are beyond anyone's control, and it would be foolish to think so. Seeing the error in the Fat Controller's accusation, the two friends laugh together. 



  • This features the first speaking roles of Culdee and Catherine.
  • This episode will soon be remastered.



Enterprising Engines Rendezvous with Disaster

Enterprising Engines Rendezvous with Disaster