Golden Murdoch

Murdoch is a powerful orange goods engine that prefers peace and tranquility. 


When Murdoch first came to Sodor for heavy goods work, he did not appreciate the company of others and preferred the peace and quiet and solitude. However, after a rowdy incident with sheep, he befriended Harvey and Salty and now enjoys sharing a shed with them.

Murdoch sees himself as a bit of a mentor for Arthur. He was also very amused to see Arthur's schemes to be "The Shepherd of the Goods Yard" quickly spiral into an incident with flour! 

After being rudely denigrated by Gordon for being a goods engine, Murdoch uncharacteristically staged an elaborate prank! After discovering that the Flying Scotsman was scheduled to visit Gordon as a surprise, Murdoch feigned illness so Gordon had to haul his goods train! Humiliated in front of his famous brother, Gordon puffed away in disgrace, and Murdoch won the respect of Bill and Ben for "cutting loose" a little! 

Murdoch has helped out a fair bit with the Little Western Extension Project. During a Great Windstorm, he rescued workmen by carrying them away from the cataclysm in empty trucks.

Murdoch was in attendance at Richard Hatt's meeting following Donald's accident.

Hoping for some peace and quiet up in the mountains, Murdoch went to the High Peak Marshaling Yard to collect a goods train. Whiff and Samson momentarily interfered with his peace seeking, causing the big engine some annoyance. His day was set right however upon meeting Alaric and Eric, 2 quiet engines of the mountain railway.

With the arrival of Philip, Murdoch once again had to put up with a noisy engine as the little boxcab busily shunted, while Murdoch complained of his behavior to Stanley.


Murdoch is a gentle giant. Although he is 1 of the strongest engines on Sodor, he is very humble and very reserved. He does not like the chaotic state of the yard and enjoys peace and quiet. Murdoch does not like to draw attention to himself, but knows how to get his own back if necessary!