Mr. Hugh
Mr. David Hugh II

Mr. David Hugh II is the third and current foreman of the Skarloey Railway.


Mr. Hugh was born in 1950. He is the third foreman of the railway, after his father, Mr. Ivo Hugh, Ivo Hugh's namesake, and David's grandfather, Mr. Hugh I.

Mr. Hugh and Rusty were responsible for constructing a stage for the Skarloey Railway's production of Hamlet.

During the Fat Controller's meeting at Last Haven, Mr. Hugh looked after Roxanne and Roger Sam's children while the couple was away.


Slightly spritely, yet slightly senile, Mr. Hugh oversees the maintenance work on the narrow gauge line. Although active and healthy, he is not as sharp as he used to be. He knows a great deal but precision is where he is showing signs of deterioration. Regardless, he and Rusty make a great team. So much in fact, he purposely tailored a suit to match Rusty's livery.

He has a special fondness for Ivo, for obvious reasons!