"I have a grand design in the works, and I certainly hope that this disaster is not an omen of what the future holds for us."
―The Fat Controller
Lift Bridge
The Lift Bridge Calamity
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Date Aired June 2011 (original)

March 15, 2012 (Remastered)

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Lift Bridge is the first episode of the first season.

2011 Original Plot

At a Junction of the Little Western and a farm branch line, The Fat Controller has installed a Lift Bridge to improve productivity. Additional safety measures have been taken when the Bridge is in the up position to minimize risks, despite causing minor inconvenience for the engines. Oliver in particular dislikes the bridge as he tries to remain on time.

He later complains to Duck about this, to which he tells Oliver to go about his work in more of a Great Western manner, rather than the irresponsible way he does his currently. Oliver retorts that he is not clumsy, to which Duck reminds him of his incident with a turntable well. Fed up with Duck's wise quacks, Oliver collected Toad and departed with his train hoping to prove Duck wrong.

Oliver was making good time until he comes to the Lift Bridge. Because of his speed, Oliver's driver is unable to anticipate the Bridge being up, causing Oliver to crash into the bridge well, blocking the farm line. Oliver is ostracized by the local farmers and scolded by the Fat Controller, being taught to value precaution over his timetables.

2012 Remastered Plot

The Fat Controller has a grand vision for the future, so he calls a meeting of the engines to discuss the future of the railway enterprise. Before he can begin, James makes a complaint about the water tower at Kirk Ronan dispensing rusty water. This causes a commotion, eventually leading to a large argument involving the whole yard. In the midst of the fighting, Toad asks Oliver if all the meetings are like this. Shortly after, Sir Topham Hatt gains control of the meeting again, stating that a new lift bridge will be constructed and that the year will be an important one.

A few months later, Oliver and Toad are told to take some freight cars down the line and to bring ballast back from the Arlesdale Railway. There, they see Mike and Frank arguing as usual. On their return journey, the controls for the lift bridge malfunction and it will not lower for Oliver to pass over. Oliver does not know this, however, and rolls off the bridge crashing down onto the tracks below, where Henry is pushing some trucks. The two engines collide. Sir Topham Hatt arrives to survey the damage. Troubled by what he has witnessed, he walks away solemnly, hoping that the accident isn't an omen of what's to come.

Characters (2011 original)

Characters (2012 Remastered)


  • This is the first episode of the Enterprising Engines! series.
  • This episode was originally filmed indoors in Enterprisingengine93's bedroom.
  • Clips from this episode were shown in the Season 1 finale episode Conspiracy Theory.
  • EE93 re-released the original 2011 version of the episode on September 4, 2015 as a throwback.

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Episode (2011 Original)

Throwback! Lift Bridge Original 2011 Version-0

Throwback! Lift Bridge Original 2011 Version-0

Episode (2012 Remastered)

Enterprising Engines Lift Bridge

Enterprising Engines Lift Bridge