"Is someone going to help me move this horse?"
―Ivo Hugh, Luke and Millie's Blue Mountain Adventure

Ivo Hugh faded sun
Ivo Hugh

Ivo Hugh is the youngest member of the Skarloey Railway Fleet. 


Ivo Hugh was named in honor of Mr. Hugh for his years of outstanding service. He is a brand new engine and is still learning his way around. 

Ivo Hugh was once enlisted to take a load of fireworks for a special celebration, but some pigeon hunters open fired on his excursion by mistake and set the fireworks sky-high. The sky was lit up with a marvelous spectacle, and Spitzer the Crane, marveling at the accident from afar, believes to this day that Ivo Hugh set off the fireworks on purpose to make him happy. To this day, the two are very good friends. 

In an attempt to rescue some displaced passengers during a violent windstorm, Ivo Hugh braved his first cyclone by taking an emergency run from the top station. Stranded due to an explosion caused by some fuel containers, Ivo Hugh was dangling in a calamity of wind and fire until Skarloey came to his rescue!

Ivo Hugh is quite fond of Duke's stories, often urging the old engine to share some of his experiences with him as much as possible. During a summer celebration, he and Peter Sam insisted Duke make a speech for all the engines. 

During a busy day at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Ivo Hugh was blocked by Humphrey, much to his chagrin!

During the auditions for Hamlet, Ivo Hugh was very confused about which play was being put on!


Ivo Hugh is thoughtful, selfless, and delightfully innocent. He does his best to make others happy and marvels at the thoughtful prowess of his elders (however misguided they may actually be!) He is always seen with a cheerful smile on his face and has a genuine love of life. Ivo Hugh is kind-hearted engine who occasionally makes mistakes, but vies endlessly to make the Skarloey Railway a joyous place for all. 

Ivo Hugh is the only engine to befriend Spitzer, a rather grumpy crane that works at Ember Gorge