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Date Aired 8th November 2011
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Improvisation is the thirteenth episode of the first season.


It was evening, and Arthur was shunting the Flying Kipper for Henry, the big green engine boasted about being an expert to take The Flying Kipper. Donald came, he had heard everything. he told Henry that even an old expert had some mishaps. the two engines chuckled and left while Henry was speechless.

Night came, and Henry was ready to go, he was right on time, after a long journey, Henry was approaching his final destination, He arrived at the goods yard for his final instruction, the foreman told him to shunt his freight cars into the siding, Henry reversed quickly, but he could not count how far the buffers were from the loading platform. and the end of the train derailed smashed through the buffers. then Henry had an idea, he remembered how Thomas could pull his coaches back onto the rails with wood under the coaches' wheels, so the men set to work and Henry pulled the vans back onto the rails, and Henry agreed that sometimes he needs to improvise to fix something.



  • A reference to Thomas and the Evil Diesel is made in this episode.
  • It is unknown at this point if this episode will be remastered or not.



Enterprising Engines Improvisation

Enterprising Engines Improvisation