Henry is a kindhearted yet sometimes judgmental mixed traffic, green tender engine who works on the Main Line.


Henry is a dependable mixed traffic engine on Sodor. His most recognizable train is The Flying Kipper, which is unfortunately notorious for ending in disaster. Once, Henry was pulling the Flying Kipper, but had a crash when the home signal was down and the points from the Main Line to a siding had been frozen. The Fat Controller sent Henry to Crewe for a new shape. When Gordon is ill, Henry can be called upon to pull the Express. He also, to his dismay, spends a fair bit of time hauling timber for the Sodor Lumberyard

When Oliver took a tumble off the Lift Bridge, Henry accidentally crashed into Oliver's wreck. 

After boasting to Arthur, Henry had to improvise after reversing the Flying Kipper into a set of buffers. Remembering when sleepers were used to get Annie and Clarabel back on the rails, Henry comes to a quick solution! 

Henry was 1 of the many engines who lost patience with Percy during his angst-ridden ballast detail. The Flying Scotsman, misinterpreting his intentions, gave Henry a great deal of grief for being an overbearing tender engine. 

In a familiar situation, Henry was rescued by Bear and Fergus when his fire bars collapsed just before a big hill. 

After learning that Carlo Debris would be cutting down several acres of the forest, Henry was outraged and tried to start up a strike in fear that the whole forest would be destroyed, but was swiftly stopped by The Fat Controller, who told him that only a few acres too close to the line would be cut down and told him that he would work at the lumberyard the next day, much to Henry's horror. Whilst he was working there, he confronted Kurt once more, and continued to harass him about destroying the forest, until Kurt called him out on how the former was trying to make the latter feel like a monster. Later, when Kurt was in danger of falling off of a cliff, Henry felt conflicted about helping Kurt, and eventually decided to help Hank pull him to safety. Afterwards, Henry quickly left.

Later on, he would complain about Thomas gaining all of the 'specials' (i.e. the unique jobs with a bit more glamour and publicity), while he was stuck doing his regular work on the mainland. He would later tease Thomas about his fortune, but as the blue tank engine rushed for a second reading, refused to uncouple himself from taking the train back, claiming that this one was his.

Henry was frustrated when Charlie teased his fear of rain during the events of The Suggestion Box. He later vouched to Richard Hatt that a Netflix account at Crovan's Gate Works was a very good idea.


Henry is kind and has a fondness for nature, but he can be arrogant and pompous at times. He shows a little contempt for The Flying Scotsman, after Duck had tricked him with 6 tenders filled with boiler sludge and the Scotsman teased him about this. Henry also has a bitter resentment for Kurt, a deforestation machine that works at the Sodor Lumberyard. He becomes very passionate when the forest he loves is in danger of being ravaged, even to the point of threatening strikes and deputations, even if only a few acres that violate regulations are to be cut down.

He is also described as being akin to the 'Grumpy Old Man' of the railway. This can be obvious with the occasional bout of cynicism, his prior-mentioned seething hate of Kurt, and how Thomas gets the jobs that have more glitz and splendor while he does the ones no one really notices.