Gina still blue peter

Gina gives Percy some pointers - Meet the Characters! is a Meet the Characters segment highlighting Percy and Gina.


Percy has been chosen to represent Sodor in the Great Railway Show's shunting challenge. However, he is quite nervous when he arrives at the grounds of the competition. While fretting, he becomes acquainted with Gina, an Italian engine whom he will be competing against. She proposes practicing together, and Percy is quite relived for an opportunity to practice a bit. Gina effortlessly begins arranging a long line of trucks, which Percy attempts to mimic in moving comparable lot as a whole. Seeing his struggle, Gina teaches Percy that moving a few trucks at a time makes the task much easier. Percy gratefully absorbs this tidbit, and begins to explain to her his own tricks for dealing with the trucks. However, Gina had resumed her shunting warm up, and was not paying attention to Percy's attempt at a conversation.



  • A shoe is seen in a shot featured in the clip show at the end of the segment.