Feeling Lucky?
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Date Aired August 2011
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Feeling Lucky? is the twelfth episode of the first season.


The Fat Controller makes a joint ownership and welcomes 'Arry and Bert to the fleet. He orders the diesels to shunt trains in the yard. They cause a lot of trouble, but showing good effort, one night, Bert tells 'Arry how lucky he is feeling. 'Arry starts to get annoyed.

Soon, Sir Topham Hatt rewards them with a new sliding platform to change lines efficiently. But, they misuse it and Bert ends up crashing, the workmen start to argue, Derek is trapped in the shed and 'Arry teases Bert about being lucky. For the first time in a long time, Bert remains speechless.



  • Henry, Gordon and James' old models are seen in this episode.


  • Insects can be seen when Bert crashes and 'Arry arrives, also a house wall can be seen behind the bushes.



Enterprising Engines Feeling Lucky?

Enterprising Engines Feeling Lucky?