Double Whammy
The Engines at the Skarloey Railway Depot
"Awww, is the ride over?"
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Date Aired December 20, 2011 (Original Version)

July 5, 2013 (Remastered Version)

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Double Whammy is the the seventeenth episode of the first season.


Sir Handel crashes into a abandoned warehouse after being pushed down a hill by his train of trucks. His driver tells Sir Handel that he has rediscovered an old gunpowder mine. A few days later, The Thin Controller announces that the gunpowder will be stored in Duke's Old Shed, which the old engine is not pleased about. Bertram, meanwhile, is taking a load of trucks up the same hill as Sir Handel was and the trucks, instead of pushing, break the chain between Bertram and the front truck.  The trucks race down the hill into Duke's Shed. The shed explodes and a massive fire starts. The Thin Controller tries to calm things down by calling the whole incident a "Double Whammy", as they disposed of both the gunpowder and Duke's "unsightly" shed.



  • The remastered version includes new models of Rheneas, Peter Sam and Duke as well as the Blue Mountain Quarry and new trucks.
  • Some changes were made in the new version. in the original version, Sir Handel screams an ordinary scream, but in the new version, the Wilhelm scream is used. Also, the "dizziness" sound when Sir Handel briefly loses conciousness is replaced with a short music piece. 



Enterprising Engines Double Whammy

Enterprising Engines Double Whammy