"She has had a tendency to be self-absorbed in the past."
Toby, Swagger and Swerves
Daisy is the best

Daisy is a swanky diesel railcar who works on the Harwick Branch Line


Daisy first arrived on Sodor when Thomas crashed into the Stationmaster's house and had to be sent away. She then had an incident with a bull later on, annoying Toby and Percy the Branch Line Engines even more than they already had. However, she received her comeuppance when Percy crashed into the break van and the Fat Controller deemed her "lazy", but gave her another chance. She has also had a number of arguments with George the Steamroller.

Daisy had an accident on Tidmouth Yards turntable when she collided into Donald's freight train after ignoring Lady's warning.

Daisy then broke down on the River Bridge, and Rosie and Thomas came to her rescue, much to Thomas' annoyance, she bragged about herself, as usual, while being rescued.

Looking to get away from the Ffarquhar Branch Line, Daisy suggests utilizing supplies for the Little Western Extension to construct a branch line from Arlesburgh Harbour to Harwick. When Richard Hatt seemingly overlooks her suggestion, Daisy stews over being ignored by the authority figures, leaving a fashion senseless passenger behind out of spite!


Daisy is a swanky, somewhat lazy, high-class diesel that considers herself to have the most "style" than any engine on Sodor. She scoffs at older, slower engines, muttering remarks like "beauty before age" and other nonsense. She works hard too, however, and knows that the advice from others will only make her be a more useful engine on the branch line.



  • Daisy's 1996 model was used up until The Suggestion Box. Her 2007 model is used in Ice Breaker onwards.